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Mission Statement

To execute integrated services, procurement, engineering, construction, and maintenance, supported by a dynamic workforce and innovative business relationships based on operational excellence and technological edge, to deliver world-class service and performance.

Specialized Industrial Services

SAMS offers specialized project construction works and consultancy for piping, Electrical projects such as, installation and commissioning of sub stations, tankage, boiler, structural works, equipment erection, shut down maintenance to its clients from the heavy industrial sectors.

SAMS provides the products and services to the oil and gas industries, and infrastructure sectors.

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We continually strive to improve our performance and to complete the Projects within the scheduled time, while maintaining standards of quality and safety during the execution.

The Organization has achieved substantial growth in all spheres of services with high caliber and standards required by our clients.


Specialized Industrial Services

Specialised Industrial Services firm that focuses on providing a range of technical, professional and construction services to a number of industries Kingdom wide.

Industrial Facility Maintenance

Complete outsourcing provider of both specialized cleaning services and general janitorial services. We can offer both limited scope and comprehensive cleaning and redecorating solutions tailored to your needs.

HVAC System Cleaning

Interior duct work & air handling equipment cleaning, removing years of accumulated contaminants from the ducts that provide the air you breathe.

HVAC Installation & Maitenance

We offer end to end HVAC solutions to the Industrial Installations and commercial buildings.