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Heavy Printers & Toners

SAMS is one of the leading specialists in printer cartridge supply across the Saudi Arab. Our dedicated and experienced team possesses the knowledge and know-how to help our customers achieve two simple goals; reduced printing costs and reduced carbon footprint.

As a specialist, we understand the impact that printer down time can have on a business, and that the ordering process can often take too long out of a busy day. That's why we've built an industry bespoke ordering system to provide you, our customers, with the simplest method of getting your supplies in the quickest time.

We constantly strive to stay ahead the game and continue to develop and improve upon the latest techniques to manufacture cartridges that you can trust. We firmly believe that, with the SAMS, we can offer you the quality of the OEM product without the heavy price tag.

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Printer Cartridges are not designed to be refilled and so have a reputation to be problematic. The drill and fill approach, though cheap, can often cause leaks, print quality problems, and low output. Though this maybe sufficient for basic home use, when you consider then the difficulties of cleaning the printer and replacing clogged printheads etc, it's not a cost effective option for the majority of businesses.


Heavy Printers & Toner

SAMS is a well-established, driven company, offering businesses an enormous range of Inkjet and Toner print cartridges to cover all your printing requirements.

Printer cartridges make up the largest single cost for business ordering office stationery. We all understand that printing is a business necessity and, as much as we all strive for the paperless office, we have to factor in the inevitable costs of printing into our budgets.

Every business faces one fundamental office supply dilemma; do we buy expensive OEM cartridges? Or do we run the risk of reduced quality with compatibles? The simple conclusion was; why should a consumer have to make that choice?

SAMS has taken these business needs into consideration to develop a uniquely priced catalogue of items for not only OEM and Remanufactured printer cartridges, but also spare parts, drums, maintenance kits and all of the consumables needed to limit any downtime to an absolute minimum.